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Our Products

Our Products

We specialize in producing the finest ranges of Japanese matcha green tea at the highest end of the quality spectrum, or what we call ‘artisanal-grade’ matcha, from Uji, in Kyoto Prefecture, Japan. What sets our matcha apart is the artisanal technique with which each batch of tea is processed – a technique that includes hand-picking only the virgin leaves from the first flush of select shade-grown tea trees and a proprietary ‘artisan roasting’ procedure undertaken to ensure that every gram is bursting with its full flavor potential. Though painstaking and time-consuming, this technique offers unparalleled results, drawing out matcha’s characteristic sweet-savory 'umami' flavor profile in a way that industrially processed matcha simply cannot equal.


Alongside our range of matcha, we proudly present a carefully selected assortment of matcha-ware products designed through collaborative partnerships with the finest craftsmen across Japan. Every one of these offerings is individually handcrafted and embodies a unique character, formed to balance minimalist aesthetics with contemporary functionality, ensuring an optimal matcha-making experience for the modern lifestyle.


Our Matcha


The distillation of our master tea blenders' and farmers' generations of experience, our ceremonial matcha range is hand-picked from the topmost, virgin leaves of shade-grown tea-trees during the first harvest to create outstanding grades of matcha that rival fine wines with the sophistication and breadth of their flavors. Our ceremonial ranges are ideal for brewing on their own, with warm or ice cold water, or with small amounts of milk. The higher the grade, the sweeter, less bitter, and more umami-rich they are.

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Ceremonial Matcha


Our culinary matcha grade is a matcha of choice for leading baristas, chefs, pâtissiers, chocolatiers, food artisans and manufacturers. Suitable for use in beverages and dessert recipes, our culinary matcha boasts a vibrant green color, mellow umami, and the robust intensity required to shine through other complementary ingredients. It is perfect for all kinds of drinks and dessert recipes ranging from matcha lattes, cappuccinos, frappés, ice cream, chocolate, fresh or raw desserts, to baked sweets, bread and pastries.

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Culinary Matcha

Our Matcha-ware

Matchæologist proudly presents a carefully selected assortment of teaware products, curated and designed in partnership with the finest craftsmen across the world. Every one of our products is individually handmade, and every facet of each object has been designed to balance minimalist aesthetics with contemporary functionality, ensuring an optimal matcha-making experience for the modern lifestyle.