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Matsu™ Ceremonial Matcha 20g

$24.00 USD

Intense with a Mellow Roasted Flavor
Our signature ceremonial-grade matcha is artisan roasted to produce a rich, creamy body and smooth mouthfeel not unlike a perfectly brewed espresso
Boasting the deepest shade of green reminiscent of Japanese pine trees, Matsu is characterized by its captivating roasted aromas brought to the fore by our artisanal roasting technique handed down through generations of matcha sommeliers. The result is a deeply rich and complex symphony of flavors, with notes of 'umami' and savory-sweet undertones that round out the intensity of the roast, culminating in an exquisite blend with a full body and long, creamy finish.
Please visit: Step-by-step Ceremonial Matcha Brewing Tutorial Video
Place 1/2 tsp (approx. 2 bamboo scoops) of matcha (~1g) in matcha bowl, then wet with 15ml (0.5fl oz) of 70ºC/160ºF water. Thoroughly knead mixture using bamboo whisk until smooth paste forms. Add 70ml (2.4fl oz) of remaining water and mix until consistent.
Upon sipping, roll the liquid around the palate to appreciate the full flavor anatomy of the tea.
- Store in a cool dry place, away from moisture, sunlight, and odors
- Refrigerate after opening for maximum flavor and potency

Customer Reviews

Based on 110 reviews
Beautiful High Grade Matcha

Such great quality matcha powder, such a vivid green colour with no bitterness at all. I have tried this matcha a few ways, plain just with a small amount of water as a shot which is great. It's so great with milk as a matcha flat white or a matcha latte, the steamed milk definitely accentuates the creaminess of the tea. Another awesome way I had this was as a nitro matcha, I infused it with nitrogen with a NitroPress dispenser which has a stout faucet and wow it's amazing and so creamy with no milk at all. Definitely recommend this matcha to anyone. It is pricey but, it's so worth it.

Thank you for your kind feedback, Dane! We are very pleased to hear that you enjoy our Matsu™ Ceremonial Matcha in different ways – this totally made our day! Thank you so much for sharing with us the beautiful photos of the nitro matcha with our Matsu™ grade! We really appreciate your support and will continue to work hard to ensure we deliver the best quality products and customer service. We look forward to serving you again, Dane! – Matchaeologist Team

Authentically Uji Matcha, Beautiful Fragrance

This Matsu matcha reminds me of the matcha I had when I was studying Chanouyu (Tea Ceremony) in Kyoto. Very beautiful, pine-green color, very umami, almost no trace of bitterness, and very very fragrant. I think it's probably one of the most aromatic matcha I've ever had in my life. Totally recommended especially if you're a coffee or matcha lover.

We’re so grateful for your review, Aiden! Thank you for taking the time to share your kind feedback with us. Please do not hesitate to get in touch in case there’s anything else at all we can do to assist you further! We look forward to serving you again! – Matchaeologist Team

Comparison of 3 ceremonial teas

I bought all 3 ceremonial matcha at the same time, so that I could compare the taste of all 3, to decide which one I liked best.
- dry powder: Misaki had the strongest fragrance. Matsu had a light, fresh fragrance. Meiko had the darkest green colour, with average fragrance.
- hot drink: Misaki had the deepest, strongest fragrance. Matsu had a fresh, refined smell that lingers. Meiko’s smell dissipated the fastest
Ease of mixing:
Meiko mixed easiest with hot water. Matsu had the most green tea residue after mixing.
Misaki had a full-bodied, most intense taste, with a bitter aftertaste. Matsu had the freshest, most refined taste.

Easy everyday drink with no bitter aftertaste.
Best for people who like the taste of strong teas.
Best for people who enjoy the fragrance of tea while drinking

- taste is very subjective. I tried my best to be objective, making sure the conditions were the same for all the 3 teas that I tasted
- 1/2 teaspoon of powder used
- Hot water at 65-70degC was used
- I do not have a whisk, so I used a metal teaspoon which may have affected the taste

Thank you very much for your kind feedback on each grade of our ceremonial matcha range, Jan! We cannot thank you enough for taking the time to share your thoughts with us. We really appreciate the level of details, insightful thoughts, and the before-and-after photos you have kindly taken to differentiate each grade of our ceremonial matcha. We really hope you enjoy our range and the experience taste-testing them! Please do not hesitate to get in touch in case there’s anything else at all we can do to assist you further! We look forward to serving you again, Jan! – Matchaeologist Team

Green bliss

I've tasted a few kinds of Matcha so far, but I have to say - the Matsu Ceremonial Matcha is the Best in every direction! From the packaging itself to its taste, aroma and texture - simply topnotch product! OK It is a little bit pricey, but still worth the extra money! Recommended!

Thanks for your wonderful feedback, Zdenek! It has brightened up our day knowing that you’re loving our Matsu™. We really appreciate your support and will continue to work hard to ensure we deliver the best-quality products. We look forward to serving you again! – Matchaeologist Team

Really nice tea

One of the best matcha tea I tried so far

We really appreciate your kind feedback, Maria! Thank you very much for sharing this with us. If there’s anything else at all we could assist you further, please do not hesitate to let us know! – Matchaeologist Team